Charity Tough Mudder Challenge 2016

August 6, 2016 – less than two months to go …

Shamefully, it wasn’t until Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire Air Ambulance became customers of AVALON IT that we fully understood how brilliant they are. Covering a huge geography including large areas of agricultural landscape, their work captured our imagination and our charity challenge was born.

After loosely discussing some options, I was invited to participate with my colleagues in a Tough Mudder. Unaware of such an activity, I researched the event which, whilst demanding looked challenging but fun. As the event got closer, and to my horror it became apparent that the event in Skipton, Yorkshire was in fact 20 kilometres not 10 as first anticipated.

The team comprises of Ken Garner from Air Ambulance a former marathon runner, no problems there! Nick Swindin a director of AVALON IT and keen extreme sportsman, easy! Ryan Bradbury, a tall rangy runner who eats up the miles with contempt for distance. Alasdair Corton, a young physical sportsman in his prime. Oh yes and me, less sound about that the better!!!

We welcome your support on our Just Giving page (  and will keep you updated on our progress.