Epson release new BrightLink projector

Epson have released a new interactive projector the 455Wi which joins the 450Wi released last year. These amazing new devices eradicate the need for an interactive whiteboard fixed to your classroom wall. Using integrated sensors the projector allows you to turn any wall, table or flat surface into an interactive learning area.

“Flexible and adaptable classroom tools are becoming increasingly important to enhancing the learning and development process,” said Claudine Wolas-Shiva, senior product manager, Epson America, Inc. “In addition to wall-mounted interactivity that has expanded educational options for teachers and students, the BrightLink 455Wi adds functionality that can create an interactive table, offering more advantages and a huge value to educators.”

We will hopefully start to see more of these type of devices coming onto the market over the coming years. The cost of a classroom installation will dramatically fall as no wall mounted whiteboard needs to be installed and then connected to your computer.

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