Interactive Panels Update – May 2014

Whilst at BETT this year (our BETT 2014 blog post – we saw a range of large interactive panels due to enter the market and provide an alternative to a traditional interactive whiteboard and projector installation.

These new interactive panels are essentially large touchscreen TV screens which are wall mounted and can be used alongside SMART Notebook and Promethean ActivInspire in the same way as an interactive whiteboard. These panels offer the following benefits:

  • Up to eight students can work together simultaneously
  • No shadow from a projector!
  • HD panels offer fantastic image clarity and brightness
  • Excellent visilibility in any room, at any angle
  • The panel surface has little to no glare, ensuring every student, no matter where they are seated, can see the display clearly

These panels offer a lower total cost of ownership with no projector lamps to replace/service. We had a discussion with SMART at BETT who said that by 2015 they are no expecting to sell any interactive whiteboard/projector combinations as they believe all orders will be based on their new interactive panels.


Smart currently only offer the 70″ E70 model but will soon be releasing a 65″ alternative, both of which are fully compatible with SMART Notebook:


Promethean currently offer the ActivPanel 65″ and 70″ both of which are fully compatible with Promethean ActivInspire. The ActivPanel we had a play with at the BETT show was 84″ which we understand will be available later this year:

An artist at BETT 2014 created this peacock on an ActivPanel 84″!


As well as SMART and Promethean branded panels there are a number of third-party panels available  which are fully compatible with SMART Notebook and Promethean ActivInspire, are available in a more sizes and are slightly cheaper:


BenQ offer two sizes 55″ and 65″ and come with 3 year on-site warranty which have the following features:
Ambient Light Sensor, Get the Right Brightness

– Ambient Light Sensor, Get the Right Brightness

Automatic brightness adjustment not only ensures the best viewing experience regardless of light levels in the room, but also protects the eyes and ensures excessive brightness is not wasted when unnecessary, reducing power consumption by up to 50%.

– Anti-Glare Glass, Easy on the Eyes

The anti-glare treatment applied to the screen’s glass surface reduces reflection, giving students the best viewing experience in the classroom. The result is more legible text and clearer images, avoiding eyestrain and facilitating more effective instruction.

  • AG glass minimizes interfering glare on the screen surface.
  • Conventional glass is prone to suffer from eye-irritating glare.

– Front I/O and Pen Tray,
Design that Delights

USB and HDMI ports, as well as a microphone jack, are located on the front panel, making it easy for teachers or speakers to plug in peripheral devices. A pen tray provides a handy place keep an IFP stylus and other tools to enhance a presentation, providing fast access and avoiding needless interruption.


For more information on these new interactive panels please get in touch with us on 01522 718248 or